Never bust your knucles again!


Save time and labor in the removal of hard to reach nuts and bolts.


Universal Wrench Extension


KNUCKLEBUDDY™ : A TOOL for every tool box.

Lifetime warranty

Affordable at $29


Works better than a second wrench.

Use to break loose or for tightening

Won't turn or slip off!

Features a 30 degree angle leverage position. A second wrench cannot do that.

Stop removing  and replacing  parts because you can't reach a bolt. Out performs a second wrench hands down. Easy to order.

  • Auto mechanics use it on pulleys, fan clutch, manifold bolts, serpentine belts, lower strut nuts. Used for Plumbing work, maintenance work, light industrial, Aviation, Farming, Etc. Not just for automotive work
  • Creates maximum torque with minimal force applied. 

Patent pending 

A brilliantly engineered tool

Yes, you have been using a second wrench, but -

KNUCKLEBUDDY is a versatile tool that attaches to most combination wrenches ranging from 7mm up to 31mm or 5/16 up to 1 1/4 inch. KNUCKLEBUDDY also features a dual ended design to accommodate the various wrench sizes. Doesn't turn or slip off the first wrench and locks onto your wrench firmly while joined together.

No more having to look for a second wrench that will fit the first one or having to look for a pipe large enough to go over your wrench. Stop wasting time trying to keep the second wrench from slipping off the first wrench. Less frustrations using KNUCKLEBUDDY.
KNUCKLEBUDDY weighs 1 lb and is 10" long. It is comes with a premium nickel coating under layer and a quality zinc coating outer layer to protect the high carbon low alloy steel from the elements.
The metal used to make KNUCKLEBUDDY goes through the same manufacturing process used to make oil and gas valves. 3500 lbs of pressure per square inch is applied to the metal. Making it heavy duty.
Our tool design features a smooth touch and feel to the hand. The tool is covered with radius edges all the way around allowing your hand to get a firm grip every time.

1. More versatile than a second wrench.
2. Pays for itself when you save 1 hr labor.
3. Reasonably priced. Affordable.
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  •  SOLD online only — not sold in stores.



Automotive  * Aviation * Farming * Maintenance *  Industrial * Plumbing 

Body-shops * Racing * PRO & DIY mechanics 

$29 + Shipping and Handling

You deserve to own a KNUCKLEBUDDY 


(Makes a unique gift)