Never bust your knucles again!


Save time and labor in the removal of hard to reach nuts and bolts.


Universal Wrench Extension


KNUCKLEBUDDY™ our trademark name.

A tool for every TOOL BOX.

"Lifetime warranty"

Affortable at $29




Out performs a second wrench hands down.


Won't turn or slip off!

Protect your knuckles 

Features a 30 degree angle leverage position. The second wrench gimmick cannot do that.

• Not hype • Not a novelty 


Stop removing parts to reach a bolt. Use KNUCKLEBUDDY'S 30 degree angle feature. Out performs using the second wrench gimmick hands down.

easy to order.

  • Auto mechanics use it on pulleys, fan clutch, manifold bolts, serpentine belt tensioner pulley, lower strut nuts, replacing brakes and more!
  • Plumbing work; assists your Basin wrench.
  • Never work alone again! If you use tools; KNUCKLEBUDDY can assist.
  • Creates maximum leverage & torque with minimal force applied. 
  • Great for tight reach areas.

Patent pending 

A brilliantly engineered tool.

Yes, you have been using the old school second wrench gimmick. KNUCKLEBUDDY is eliminating that non-tool second wrench used as a leverage bar.

We know what you mean. The second wrench tends to turn and slip. That can get frustrating. KNUCKLEBUDDY locks on to all combo wrenches with no problem / no slipping. Plus, when a part is in the way you can use it to engage a wrench from a 30 degree angle. A second wrench cannot. Own the tool engineered for the job. We have not had one dissatisfied customer. This tool works. Mechanics tell us they love it. One stated; I'll never double wrench again. Another customer posted "I got mine. It's no hype; I'm happy with my purchase." The price is reasonable and affordable. You get a quality built tool for your dollar. Why is it that we rarely use pliers? One day people will say; "we never use a second wrench" KNUCKLEBUDDY is now the tool of choice. It out performs and is replacing the second wrench methodology.

Never work alone again.
Bring your BUDDY along.

1. More versatile than a second wrench.

2. PAYS FOR ITSELF. PROS; use the KNUCKLEBUDDY™  30 degree angle feature & save hours/$$$ monthly. Nat'l average labor per hr. $60-$90

3. Reasonably priced.
Check us out YouTube: KNUCKLEBUDDY 
  • Get one for yourself or as a unique gift for the person who has everything.



Automotive  * Aviation * Farming * Maintenance *  Industrial * Plumbing 

 * PRO & DIY mechanics 

New American Invention


KNUCKLEBUDDY FairPrice™  S&H $5.90 per order

Any quantity.

(Example buy 1,2,3,4,5 or 100+ pay only $5.90, etc)

*Continental US only

* Presently shipping orders same day or next day.


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