The #1
most TRUSTED and PATENTED wrench extension on the market.


U.S. PATENT NO.    9,873,194
U.S. PATENT NO.   10,093,015
U.S. PATENT NO.    D835,482 

Steel content: 100% US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Stainless Steel

Heat treatment

Strong. weighs approx 1 lb

KNUCKLEBUDDY® adds 10" to your existing tools, the added extension length allows you to reach into those tight areas in order to help loosen nuts and bolts.

Avoid having to remove additional parts just to break loose a nut or bolt. With KNUCKLEBUDDY's 15 & 30 degree angle engagement features make accessing nuts and bolts a breeze while saving you time!

Has more uses that all the others!!!

KNUCKLEBUDDY® offers the ability to use it with other tools like: Crescent, Allen and Open End combo wrenches and more!

KNUCKLEBUDDY® can be used in the following fields:

• Auto Mechanics  • HVAC  • Aviation    • Maintenance

• Industrial  • Welders • Ranchers • Mining  and  • More!

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"I don't double wrench anymore. I use KNUCKLEBUDDY."

Alignment Guy

"It's no hype. Works great and strong!"


"We love KNUCKLEBUDDY! It works great for those hard to reach areas."

Brake Mechanic

"Don't need it all the time but comes in handy. Great when replacing serpentine belts." 

How To Automotive

"My tech finished a 7 hour job on F250 in just over 4.5 hours because he did not

have to remove and replace parts Helped reach and bust loose manifold bolts.

Brake Max Mgr.