KNUCKLEBUDDY® Wrench Extension

Distributed by Raelander, LLC


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Steel Content: 100% Premium grade US Stainless Steel


U.S. Patent No,  9,873,194

U.S. Patent No. 10,093,015
U.S. Patent No. (TBA/Nov2018)

KNUCKLEBUDDY® helps your wrenches reach and break loose stubborn nuts and bolts in hard to reach and tight areas. 

KNUCKLEBUDDY® fits 9mm to 22mm and 3/8" to 7/8" combo wrenches. Also engages to various other hand tools like cresent wrenches, allen wrenches, C-clamps, 14mm & 15mm box wrenches and any other tool that fits into the various spacings KnuckleBuddy features.

KNUCKLEBUDDY locks wrenches in a straight, 15 or 30 degree angle. SAVE TIME! Avoid being forced to remove parts and then having to replace them just because you couldn't break a bolt loose.

During the initial proof of concept 10 auto shop owners tried out KNUCKLEBUDDY for 10 days. They all purchased one. When KNUCKLEBUDDY® saves you 1 hour labor it literally pays for itself. 

KNUCKLEBUDDY leaves the others in the past.


Intellectual Property inquires are welcome.

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I don't double wrench anymore. I use KNUCKLEBUDDY.

Alignment Guy

It's no hype. It really works and doesn't slip!


We love KNUCKLEBUDDY! It works great for those hard to reach areas.

Brake Mechanic